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Knowledge is power - learn more about managing high blood pressure

High blood pressure directly increases your risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, which leads to heart attacks. It's most common among people over the age of 35 and in African-Americans, the obese, heavy drinkers, and women taking birth control pills. If you fall into any of those categories, you should be protecting against high blood pressure.

Try to eat more vegetables and fruits, while avoiding saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium. 30 minutes of physical activity can also help you avoid a dangerous problem. Read more about high blood pressure:

Find out how you can protect yourself from "bad cholesterol"

Cholesterol is a normal and important part of your body, but when LDL cholesterol (sometimes called "bad" cholesterol) builds up in your blood, it can clog your arteries and create blood clots, resulting in a risk of heart attack or stroke.

The key is in what you eat. Try to limit your intake of cholesterols and fats; get your energy from eating complex carbohydrates, like whole wheats and grains. Limit your sugar intake and feed your sweet tooth with delicious fruits instead.

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